Hi, I'm Michal

I'm the one-man army behind JournoConnect. Working solo and full time on delivering fresh, hand-baked, artisanal mentions straight to your inbox.

I graduated from Wroclaw University's Computer Science department in 2014 and spent my career as a programmer and systems administrator. I've been programming since 12 and running servers since 14, always with my trusty 1989 IBM Model M keyboard. The highlight of my career was membership in the OpenBSD project. In April 2018 I quit and decided to start my own business.

After making a few failed products one of them finally started to gain some traction. To find more customers for it I wrote a script that would notify me when someone mentioned a particular phrase on Reddit. I shared the script on Indie Hackers to a very warm reception. It turned out that this script was a lot more popular than the tool it was created for. So I switched to working on it full-time.

I named the tool Syften, after an Old English verb meaning to sift, strain, or percolate; to pass through a riddle. See https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/syften.

JournoConnect is based on Syften, and is a specialised version for backlink building.

I live in Krakow, Poland and after work, I like to dance the Argentine tango and participate in car races with my Mazda MX-5.